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Steve Adams Graphic Artist

Meet Steve Adams Graphic Artist

Was Steve a famous Skateboarder, thrashin' halfpipes from coast to coast in the 1970's and 80's? 

Of course not. 

Most skaters aren't famous (or are nearly as old.) However, back in the day Steve did rock a "Logan's Earth Ski" with "Independent Trucks" and "Bones Wheels" at his then local (now long gone) Skatepark on Forest Lane & Plano Road, in North Dallas. He could always be seen with a board beneath his feet as a primary means of travel... with a subscription copy of "Thrasher" (or sometimes "Creem" Magazine)  rolled up in his back pocket. Those were the days.... A very long time ago. (Because he's old now.) 

Today, riding is pretty much a thing of the past (because he's old) BUT he's kind of a big deal in the Graphic Design world, having worked as a designer for brands you know... Whole Foods Market, Thompson's WaterSeal, Walmart, Warwick International Hotels to just to name a few... before relocating to Tyler, Texas as the lead designer of the "FRESH by Brookshire's" flagship store. 

Currently, he can be found very happily serving in his semi-retirement (again, because he's old) gig at the iSignShop in Jacksonville, Texas and as mentor to several much younger graphic design professionals worldwide. (Hey, did we mention that he is old?)


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